The process of institutionalizing Service Learning (SL) is slowly beginning to take shape at the University of Kisubi (UniK). SL as a novel pedagogy for the 21st century philosophy of education underscores the fact that learning no longer takes place exclusively in the four walls of the classroom. At UniK, SL consists in the hands-on approach to teaching and learning which underpinned its educational philosophy since its very inception, to foster active learning among the students through integral, formative and participatory educational experiences that link what the student learns to his or her real-life situations. This way, SL as a pedagogy inculcates in the students the values and attitudes that surpass and outlive those they can ever acquire in the controlled learning environment within the classroom setting. But even more importantly, it equips them with the 8C’s – the critical eight skills and competences of life that are indispensable for one to succeed in today’s highly competitive world, namely: Critical Thinking, Communication, Community, Creativity, Compassion, Commitment, Cultural Awareness (Interculturality) and Caring. At UniK, the diverse faces of SL are embodied in the SERVICE LEARNING TREE, which symbolizes the different meanings of SL within the UniK fraternity, while giving life and representing the dynamism that SL must indeed exude. As a living organism vivified by this tree, indeed, SL at UniK is destined to blossom into a huge tree whose thick branches will shelter every member of the University community and its neighbours, as well as feed them from its life-giving fruits. This, in the practical terms, envisages SL as a distinct means through which the University will pursue diligent, life-nurturing service to the community as well as innovate lasting solutions to the challenges that hold back the community and its members’ integral development. This will be pursued through a variety of engagements, including but not limited to: Psycho-social support and wellness programmes, Platforms for dissemination of UNISERVITATE events and activities, Competitions (e.g. SL Essay Awards/Prizes, etc), Campaigns (e.g. Climate Change, Awareness Programmes, LEARNING FESTIVAL, etc) and direct interventions to impact the community as they will be announced from time to time (e.g. planting indigenous species of trees with multiple benefits, such as the MUTUBA tree).