On 23rd December 2020, the University of Kisubi (UniK) was admitted to CLAYSS and its subsidiary, UNISERVITATE, the prestigious global network that champions Service Learning as a novel pedagogy to serve the increasingly dynamic purpose and goals of education in the 21st century. Headquartered in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the network consists of seven hubs as the coordination centers for the 20 supported universities, spread across the six continents of the globe. UniK is one of the five universities that form the African Hub, under the coordination of Tangaza University College (TUC), in Nairobi, Kenya. The other members of the Africa Hub are: Mwenge University College of Education (MWEUCE) in Moshi, Tanzania; The Catholic University of Cameroon; and recently Democratic Republic of Congo (Loyola University of Congo).all admitted to the network since 2020.