UniK SL Programme Logo described

UniK SL Programme Logo described


Tree The SERVICE LEARNING TREE, which symbolizes the different meanings of SL within the UniK fraternity, while giving life and representing the dynamism that SL must indeed exude. As a living organism vivified by this tree, indeed, SL at UniK is destined to blossom into a huge tree whose thick branches will shelter every member of the University community and its neighbours, as well as feed them from its life-giving fruits. This, in the practical terms, envisages SL as a distinct means through which the University will pursue diligent, life-nurturing service to the community to achieve mutual growth and integral development by identifying innovate lasting solutions to the challenges that hold back the community.

Green Represents Nature and growth

Circular Boarder A representation of the community regarding our co-dependence to one another and nature, particularly the tree and its fruits.